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Please email for more information/facts/research.

What can Lurbisyn do for you and your horse?

* Improve your horses mobility

* Reduce discomfort

* Provide protection for joints

* Decrease inflamation

* Limit the need for injections

Some Facts

n*2004 –Radioactive tagged HA proved effectively reached the joint

*Only oral Hyaluronan supplement with a safety & on going efficiency study

*Most cost-effective supplement to decrease the cardinal symptoms of inflammation


*Only joint supplement that enhances synovial viscosity, hydrates and promotes tissue repair

*Received the highest rating form NASC (National Animal Supplement Council)

n*Quality – HIGHEST molecular weight HA of any liquid HA product on Market
n   -Lubrisyn 2.4 mil vs. nearest

 More information:

Daily use of LubriSyn helps maintain healthy joints and improve performance. Lurbisyn allows every joint to receive the highest quality of hyaluronic acid (HA), improves the viscosity of synovial fluid in the joints and reduces inflammation associated with the wear and tear of training, hauling and competing on todays top barrel horses.

Lubrisyn is a liquid dietary supplement, administered orally, that is non-invasive to the joints, safer to administer and easily transported.

Lubrysin has been tested at 5 times the recommended level with no side effects.

Lubrisyn may be used in conjunction with injectable hyaluronic acid and other joint-support products.

Let us help you make Lubrisyn a part of your daily maintenance program. See you at OKC.


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