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Team Roping Jackpots


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Finals/Series Rules

  • No nomination fee
  • Must have current Triad or All-Star number
  • Elite’s will be recognized
  • WS barrier
  • Qualifiers and Finals are 80% payback
  • Top 4 teams in average qualify for Finals-Ropers whom did not qualify can enter Finals provided they entered 3 of 8 Qualifiers with that respective roping number
  • Finals will have added money
  • Added money will be 5% of entire pot from Qualifiers.  Qualifiers still payback 80%.  5% comes from producer
  • Finals fees are $200/roper.  May enter 3 times
  • Non-Qualifier fees are $225/roper
  • #9 capped at 5e
  • Custom award to be given to High Point roper from all qualifiers, based on points.  Both #12 and #9 placings will receive points.  Most points from either roping will receive a custom award
  • Cash Only

Example of added money and how it works:
  • If #9 has 50 teams in Qualifier, then roping pays $8,000 to ropers and the Finals gains $500 in added money.  If that happens 8 times, then FINALS will have $4,000 in added money for the #9!!
  • If a team qualifies twice in the same roping, then team must split and get different partners for Finals, points still count.
  • Cash only
Jackpot Rules

  • Flag on heeler
  • WS barrier-#9 capped at a 5
  • Cash only
  • 5 second barrier and leg
  • Handicap’s are 1.5 seconds for each number below said roping number
  • Max 3 seconds
Pay Outs
1-20 Teams       1 place     100%
21-30 Teams     2 place     60/40
31-63 Teams     3 place     50/30/20
64-100 Teams   4 place     40/30/20/10
101-125 Teams 5 place     35/25/19/14/7

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